About The Inventor

Hello, My name is Eric Alston, vice president and co-founder of Q-Case Incorporated.

I would like to tell you a true story about the inventor of the EZi Lens Applicator. His name is Tim and he has had 4 cornea transplants. The first transplant occurred in 1975 and was performed by Dr. Castroviejo, one of the pioneering cornea transplant surgeons in New York city, at that time. This transplant lasted about 20 years. His second and third transplants lasted only about two years each and ultimately had to be replaced. After each of these transplants, he was fitted with several contact lens variations to correct the vision but they were un-comfortable and did not correct his vision well. After his forth cornea transplant, Tim was finally fitted with an 18mm Scleral lens. This lens provided the best vision and comfort that he had in twenty years. However, the lens was very difficult to insert. Every time Tim would attempt to apply the lens, using the methods he learned from his doctor, a bubble would form in the liquid reservoir, blurring his vision and cause discomfort. This went on for several months until one day he and his wife were discussing what to do. While talking with his wife, Joyce, something she said triggered an idea. Tim, being a tool and die maker, created a make-shift device from some PVC tubing, forming the band and an old contact lens storage container, forming the dish. Tim could immediately apply his lenses without trouble. He used his new invention for several months until one day his doctor told him that that his device my help other people and the rest is history.

The EZi Lens Applicator is proudly made in the USA and has been sold domestically and internationally helping many people to see everyday.

We truly appreciate you coming to our website and we hope that our product can help you and/or your patients.

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